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Links to articles that mention the Cuckoo Egg Project.

C-Net Article (July 2002) - Duping file swappers

Definition of Cuckoo's Egg - From TechTarget and and Word Spy

New York Times article "Taking Sides in the Napster War" (also here)

Branchez-Vous! French website related to project

BBC News - Article about Cuckoo's Egg and other P2P items

Slashdot Article and discussion about the project

Business 2.0 Article about Napster Bombs article and discussion (German web site) article and discussion (Spanish web site) article about Napster whiners and the cuckoo egg project. collection of Napster news reports

Transfert.Net Article - French news coverage of our project

CNN - Discussion of file sharing issues

Chronogram - Coverage of our project plus Stefanie's song

E! Online - Includes a bit about "41 Shots" being a Cuckoo's Egg

Berkeley Law Reference - Course includes Cuckoo's Egg Project as suggested reading


Links to articles related to the debate.

Harvard Law School - Internet & Society readings page
"Information, like culture, is the result of labor and devotion, investment and risk; it has a value. And nothing will lead to a more deafening cultural silence than ignoring that value and celebrating the "near-perfect anarchy" of Freenet and Napster running amok." By EDWARD ROTHSTEIN NY Times June 10th, 2000 - 
Swashbuckling Anarchists Try to Take the Out of Cyberspace
Complete Connections Article   NY Times login required

Napster - Music's Friend or Foe? - June 14, 2000 article at the Wired web site.

The Recording Industry Association of America's FAQ page on Napster - somewhat flawed in portions of it's logic.

Artists Against Piracy

Metallica's FAQ page regarding their dispute with Napster

CNN commentary regarding Napster and online piracy.

MP3 Free For Al  from Salon by Janelle Brown

Napster May Have Weak Defense in Fight With Music Industry
By CARL S. KAPLAN - May 12, 2000 - NY Times - Cyber Law Journal
NY Times login required.

"Money is not the driving force behind music in this or any culture. People play music, form bands, write songs, and the internet has become a publishing tool for them even as it has become an apparent threat to the limo budget of Metallica."
By John Hockenberry - MSNBC News
Complete Article